Sunday, December 10, 2006

Eating! and a Beautiful Day in the Desert

Mulberry and Lemon Bread and Butter pudding with Desert Lime Mamalade Glaze

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday here in the Desert, the day was glorious and the evening seemed to go on forever....still able to see really well outside at 8pm. I can really see the reason for daylight saving in this instance. On the other hand, I didn't realise how much I was in tune with the day, without looking at the time, which means I was about one hour late, for everything, through out the day.Lol.

It was a very busy week this week with all the end of school year rush and other holiday happenings.
Went to the report day on Friday, for the TAFE at the campus and they talked about the years events and the many staff change overs that had occured. Some highlights were an Indigenous Art program, and an open day at the "Practice Firm" for the students, where they operated the office like a business for a day.

The Ferals went out last night for our end of year dinner, to an Italian resturant.
The food was good, but the venue was very noisy, loud music with everyone trying to talk over it!
Ate too much...barramundi (fish) and affrogato(with frangelico)a great red wine I didn't choose so I don't remember the name and a cocktail at the beginning which turned out to be champagne with lemoncello...interesting, but a bit sweet with a sugar rim.

We had end of year awards......which included amongst others, the
"Inspector Rex Award" (missing items found..)
"Change of life Award" (honarary Feral leaving..)
and the "Shelf checking avoidance Award" (Moi..I have a natty telescope so I can now see the shelf from the desk.)
Anyway thats all for now. FeralTB

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