Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hypatia's adventures in 2nd Life

As much as I like 2nd life and realise its potential as a meeting and learning space, if there is no one to talk to (meet with, discuss ideas...) it can be a little like a waiting to explore the world further I went on a tour. There are a lot of spaces that are private and you can't get into them, a lot of space given over to gambling, and I'm not into that and a lot of empty buildings. (This has a lot to do with the time difference) But, I did, ride a swan, climb up an ancient ruin,and watch the view from the top, slide down a water slide, have a swim, explore the geneology floor of the 2nd life library building and ride a shuttle into space. Not to mention raiding a money tree or two on the way...We are having a meeting (party!) tonight at the Australian Libraries Building LINT has all the information, come along if you can. 6pm-8pm Western Australian Daylight saving time.
All for now FeralTB-)


Anonymous said...

See you this evening, tb :)

I agree, SL is a tad boring with no one there - which is why I tend to keep my visits to times when I know there are going to be people around. Other times, I prefer to play World of Warcraft, or blog, or read, or have a nap...

TB-) said...

Hey CW, Yes see you tonight. (I havn't played World of Warcraft, but I am going to have a look...Neverwinter Nights caught my attention for a while...)