Thursday, December 14, 2006

Party on.....Librarians...

We had a great meeting (party) in 2nd life last night, Australian librarians and our overseas friends met and mingled and toured and danced. This included spending some time in 19th Century Caledon with the Librarian JJ Drinkwater (thanks JJ). Lorelei Junot(who gave us a wonderful tour of the conference centre), Abbey Zenith, Rocky Vallejo, Cindy Elkhart, JJ Drinkwater and Fleet Goldenberg, all US-based joined us for the event at a time that was very early (or late)for them. The Library Staff from the Kansas building next door (Just up the yellow brick road!) made us a banner and put up Australiana pictures which made us feel extremely welcome. We spent some time brainstorming ideas to introduce more people to 2nd life and its potential both as a meeting place and a virtual teaching area.
Please consider joining us at our next event. This will be advertised on
Thats all for now. FeralTB-) (Hypatia Arcadia)

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