Thursday, January 11, 2007

Holidays are here again....tum de tum de tum de de...

Well I'm off, 2 weeks of Sun, sea, sand, surf, siblings, sipping and shopping!
All the ESss rolled into one!
A rellie meeting is happening! Visiting friends etc.

Some are visiting from Melbourne to get away from the "Big Smoke" (pun intended) and others are flying back from holidays on The Cocos Islands lucky dogs, can't wait for the photos (my brother took an underwater camera along).
Have a great fortnight, I know I will!!

I will be 'not thinking' as I sip my drink at Falcon Beach watching the sunset!!
Enjoy the break. FeralTB-)

(The picture of the Kangaroo enjoying the beach was sent to me by my mother...not Falcon, but close to the area!)


Kathryn Greenhill said...'s gone orangey around here. Pretty!

Have a great break. Savour the Eses.

TB-) said...

Thanks Kathryn