Sunday, February 25, 2007

Anigozanthos Circle

Went on a visit to the Kansas State Library building in Second Life as they are always changing the site and enhancing its flavour.
They have set up "Helianthus Square" a beautiful little area at the side of the library, full of Sunflowers and peace, and a dance floor if you are so moved...or you will be if you click on the wall and it takes over your avatar for some cool dance moves!
Swirling Tornadoes flash past you (looking like non dustyWilly Willys ) if you click on the large sunflower mosaic and there are flowers in abundance.
Which leads me onto a subject I had been thinking about, updating my membership to 2nd life to learn new skills and how to incorporate our floral emblem into the Australian Library Group building in Second life...working it out....Hence Anigozanthos-Manglesii (Kangaroo Paw).
"Anigozanthos manglesii commonly known as Mangles Kangaroo Paw or the Red and Green Kangaroo Paw is a plant species endemic to Western Australia and the floral emblem of 'our' state." (from Wikipedia)
The Kangaroo Paw is very much the flower of my childhood and we were always excited to find them growing anywhere in the bush. There are new varities now including a golden tall one that is very popular here in the desert, so much so that a garden of twenty planted on campus by the Gardener were stolen in an overnight raid. He didn't plant any more in that area near the library, we now have some other plants not so desirable by others. (Roses, geraniums etc.)
The detritus of life is taking me over for the next two weeks, so see you in a few....FeralTB-)

PS I love the "OZ" in the middle of AnigOZanthos!

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