Friday, February 23, 2007

Computer moving.....and a male point of view...

FeralAW had a great idea about turning the smaller seminar room into a small computer lab and training room. I suggested we move the computers yesterday as it was quiet, we have our new part timer training and we were getting ready for the start of semester. Great idea, yes....not very practical for FeralAW as she had a very nice dress on and crawling under desks to unplug computers and move them wasn't her activity of choice for the day. Still more power to her, she did it and we now have a cleaner line of computers to use in the main part of the library and a small computer lab which will be great for training and students to use in a group.
(We had one very helpful mature male student who kept talking to her as she was trying to sort cables and plugs, offering help but not actually giving it, lol....she had to ignore him to concentrate...)

When we opened the window blinds for the room you can see many spider webs behind the map drawers....they are going to be moved to open up the area and the spiders will be gone! Apart from the fact the new connections for the computers are not talking/working, everything is looking fine!

Our new part time Feral is male and we are having lively conversations at tea time. We are were an all female Feral crew here for a while and it is refreshing to see things from another angle...
All for now FeralTB-)

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