Monday, February 19, 2007

Flexible no more....

The "Flexible Learning Centre", which was a computer lab attached to our library building, has had a name change and has become 'inflexible' (sorry :-).
It is now the TAFE "IT Lab". (Classroom for Business studies etc.)

The lab's original concept was as a flexible computer lab for the university students (any level) to use outside class time. The classroom squeeze owing to a greater intake of University students, the possiblity of the TAFE section seceding from the uni, the higher numbers in the High school (owing to the raising of the school leaving age in our State), has made for some interesting shuffles around the campus.

I can see that this will lead to a greater number of student using the library for computer access this year. We are having a bit of a shuffle ourselves, not new computer numbers, but hopefully a better layout for future use.

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