Friday, February 16, 2007

Same old Same old..........and some new!

Our new furniture is starting to arrive, we received 7 new tables for the general area of the library. They are a nice big square tables that should fit 4-8 students comfortably. The chairs are yet to be delivered.
The Librarian offered the old furniture around the campus to staff and it all went very quickly, the only provision was that they couldn't pick up the chairs until the new ones arrived as we would have nothing for the students to sit on!

The security system is playing its games, and once again it went on the blink for two days, we have had technicians hanging from the ceiling again. The boxes that control the system are on the ceiling in the work room.
Still climbing over the returns box to close the gate manually! (Sometimes things move very slowly around here.)

Starting a new year , and having the same problems for students trying to use the Library.
The Higher Ed students are having their orientation on Sunday 25th and guess what, the same as last year, IT are interferring with the computers on that day and the orientations may be affected!
The High school students don't have their student cards as yet, its only the end of week 3 of term! In their defence the school is down quite a few teachers (the teacher shortage is State wide)and even the Principle is teaching at the moment.
The TAFE computer is not talking to the University computer and only about 1/3 rd of student records have gone on...having to enter those manually at the moment.

A new group of lecturers have moved in next door and they are all smokers......

All for now, FeralTB


CW said...

Ugh! Smokers next door?! Does the smoke smell waft in?

TB-) said...

Yes sometimes it does. The Campus facilities manager has reminded people of the areas that are off limits, today.