Thursday, May 10, 2007

My favourite things, not!

"snowdrops on ....dah dah hum hum hum hum,
These are a few of my favourite things...Not

The laptop....
still playing up.
Winge over, actually the library tours went well, despite the laptop going offline halfway through the second.

Staffing shortage....
IT laptop solution, ask a "third person" to log on to the laptop for a test.
(mmm third person, not sure we will have one of those until later into the day.....)

library tech: "know anyone with a pulse? we need some staff"

Desk duty...

Referencing questions,
when they don't like the answer...

Student "Do I have to do anything else for a paragraph I am quoting from a book other then the intext referencing at the end of the quote."

Feral "what style of referencing are you using?"

Student " I'm not sure, I think it may be....(asks his mate...)Harvard."

Feral "We have an information sheet on Harvard, maybe that will answer your question, I believe you need to place quotation marks around the quote."

Student "I don't think anyone else does it that way for a literature review."

Feral "Ask your lecturer."
(He went away grumpy, as he had to change a few things in his assignment.)

Big assignments due today.....stapler use dropped dramatically.
All for now FeralTB-)

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