Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Technology...can't live with it, can't shoot it

Day 2, (Librarianless)
2 Staff on and busy with loads of students working solidly, must be an assignment due.
Setting up the Wireless laptop for an induction at 1.10
Should have been easy enough, was shown last Thursday how to do it, but...

Setting up in Seminar room 1.....not near desk, keep running back to check desk....
Guessing my way through instructions I only half remember, seemed to be easier on Thursday (it seems a lot of this is intuitive)...
should have written it down.

Setting up the Wireless laptop (this is slow to log on....)
Sent request for help to IT
IT help came....
Setting up the Wireless laptop (still slow...)
Got in Yea!

logged off and tried it in another ferals log on....
No dice
Setting up the Wireless laptop (yep, slow again....)
Sent request for help to IT
Got help
Still can't log in with other Ferals details,
it won't establish her identity!!!
(She says she is real and who was that darn computer to think it could have any bearing on her authenticity!)

12:45 Set up the wireless laptop with my logon and all running smoothly...
12:55 connection dropped out....%$#@*&%%$
1:00 Setting up the wireless laptop...
1:10 All running smoothly
1:20 Class comes in and other Feral takes over....PHEW!
Still can't log in under her details!
Had enough FeralTB-)

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