Monday, May 07, 2007

Questions without notice.....

Questions today so far..
(Day one without a Librarian......)

Can I borrow the stapler?

My new MAC won't connect to the wireless,
do you know why? (huh?)
Big gobbley gook question too obscure to answer...
help, IT,
"sorry we don't offer support for many variables". - how true!

Where is that lady that knows about the wireless?
(gone to the big city, forever....maybe 8-)

Endnote rears its head,
"I need a beginner course
My styles won't stay,
Why can't I get this to stick?
How do you edit an intext citiation?"

Power point questions,
Getting a new page, text too big...
(feel like saying, please read a book or do a course, Um next?)

Can I borrow the stapler?

Downloading from a database
Why can't I print this bigger (try the PDF button...)

Then the power went off at the big city library and we lost our connections...
No library system, no student log on..............................later...

How do I print?
I am from an interstate university and I need to print my assignment.

Can I borrow the print card/scanner/headphones?

Can I borrow the stapler, no, not that one the bigger one?

Can I book my year 11 geography class between 1.10 and 2.10 pm tomorrow for an induction to the library?

Can I book the semniar room until 5pm?

Can I borrow the stapler.......yes dammit!

All today...FeralTB-)

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