Thursday, July 19, 2007

Strange world...

Actual conversation.......very surreal.....

Patron: "Where can I get a student card?"
Library Staff: "At student services where you enrolled."
Patron: "I need it for photo ID."
Library Staff: "The staff at admin will supply you with a card."
Patron: "I'm not enrolled, I just need the card for ID."
Library Staff: "Umm, you actually need to be a student to receive a student card."
Patron: "But I need one for ID".
Library Staff: "If you are over 18 you can apply for an ID card from the police station."
Patron: "Oh well, if I can't get a student card, I'll try that...." He leaves...
Library staff have to sit down for a while to recover....


Victoria Draken said...

ROFL! Oh wow, that is absolutely hilarious. If you ever get a LiveJournal, you should post that on amused-library :-)

Victoria Draken said...

OH! Oh my God, I just realised that not only are you also in WA (whereabouts? I work at Murdoch University Library), but your favourite music includes No Doubt! No Doubt is my all time favourite band, and Gwen Stefani is my idol (although I admittedly don't like her solo music as much).

I'm going to see Gwen Stefani at Burswood next week XD