Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trainee Librarian!!!!

I have been asked to take on "Trainee Librarian" status (Yippee), and I am preparing to be on a large learning curve.

Trainee Librarian has traditionally only been offered in the city, but they are branching out (pardon the pun), and have offered me the position until the end of the year as a developmental opportunity.

This week has been very busy planning a training visit to the Big City Library. It will be a pleasure to meet a lot of the people I talk to on the phone and via email, and that play an integral part in my day, usually without them being aware of it most of the time!
Forms and more forms have been flying thick and fast over the email...
We have had a few staff issues...mainly lack of staff, holidays...etc.
FeralMB is producing rosters by the hour!

Study News!
I passed both units for semester 1...only 2 to go.



CW said...

Congrats TB!! :) I saw an appointment with a "T" in my calendar next week - and wondered if it was you :)

Looking forward to finally meeting up! How long are you going to be in Perth for?

TB-) said...

Hey CW, thank you. I am arriving on Monday Morning and leave on Thursday afternoon. Lynne has set me up with a very comprehensive program for the 4 days.(I was hoping it would be the next week so I could go to the 'unconference', but that is the start of semester and hopeless due to longer hours , students returning etc.) See you next week.

Sputty said...

Congratulations girl!
I'm sooooo glad they've finally realised the Ferals have talent!

Would love to catch up with you if you can squeeze me in! KF