Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Visually an interesting day....

New 'visual' things at work (or nearly)...
I considered today how much we do revolves around seeing and technology we use that is basically 'visual'.
We recently received a camera at MPOW to take photos of the campus library for a record and information for other branches to see how the library is looking.
Learing to use it, I had a 'senior moment', [we are allowed 3 per month] with the downloading of shots to the computer, then....well duh, after reading the book, it wasn't that hard...and watching the staff/students duck everytime I pass by, is amusing!

We are receiving new photocopiers for the students and library staff soon. Ours is going to have a fax and scanner included, so these inter Library Loan copy jobs should be streamlined in the near future. (That pesky one that sometimes gives free copies will soon be gone, upsetting many students that had worked it out! Kudos to those that mentioned it to staff, even if it is after they have finished! lol. Its not a big problem and we have decided to do...nothing as the new ones arrive soon!)

New computers for staff is a big one and we are looking forward to that..a few of our old ones are giving up the ghost and need replacing!
So all things visual considered, it will be a new, new year for us in 2008.

Thinking about that reminds me how lucky we are, half of us wear glasses, but nothing major! Association for the blind has always been a worthwile charity!

btw the flowers were for our wedding anniversary today....champagne tonight!


CW said...

Congratulations! I hope you had a lovely evening :)

TB-) said...

Thanks CW