Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sports day...

It was my daughters sports day today at her school.
Spent a lovely day in the sun watching the children have fun running, playing tunnel ball, and a lot of other games I had forgotten. Ribbons were won and trophies given. Our team (Red) came last, but the children didn't seem to mind, they were all having such a grand time!

(A few of them reminded me that Rupunzel had golden hair, quite long in fact!See previous post.....8-)

The buzz amongst some of the parents was the next big thing to do was to convince the government that the school needed a library, a purpose built building. The school has had a very small library for quite a while. One large room that is also used to store the teaching resources and doubles as a computer lab. But then, the next parent told me that they actually needed a new hall as the one they had was too small and not good enough for any special events...The sports teacher needs a gym for the children to practice and the dance teacher wants an indoor venue to practice instead of the undercover area in front of the canteen. Then another parent said they need two more classrooms to accommodate the new student numbers. Phew....

I wandered back to my chair in the sun and decided to keep out of it and support the thing they settled on...all of them would benefit my daughter, but I couldn't help having a small lean towards supporting the Library...*-)FeralTB

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