Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Ahhhhh "Woody Island" just of the coast of Esperance in the Recherche Archipelago.
The day was beautiful the sea was calm, and I found out I am , NOT A SAILOR!!!

This is a truly beautiful part of the world. Shhh don't tell anyone.
On the cruise out we saw (well I didn't the others did! lol) dolphins and seals. On the island I used a compost toilet! different!
The sun shone all week in the town and we wined and dined and generally enjoyed ourselves.The "jetty tearooms" are grand and I we had scones and cake to be envied!
There was a new baby in the family, a nephew, his name is Nelson.
JG his mum is well after a little scare at the birth. All now well.
They have a property near Esperance and 2 sheep, many cows, 1 ostrich, 2 horses and 1 dog. (JG calls her cows after which part of the house they are building, the cow will fund when sold, kitchen, front porch, bathroom etc. :-)
The Duke of Orlens bay is beautiful and we climbed "Frenchmans Peak",(spectacular view) on the way there we visited the Hellfire Gallery, which has a lot of beautiful art on exhibition.
We stayed in a caravan park across the road from the Port. They had a "lead" scare recently from some lead that was delivered to the Port for export. The locals were mostly, now that it was cleaned up, downplaying the impact so as not to scare the tourists away.
I visited the town library and the local Highschool/Tafe/Uni library.
The Town library has its collection set out in Genre! Not something I had come across before.
Trip home to the heat was easy and back to a very busy week at work.
All for now FeralTB

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