Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cats and OPAC's and other things...

Made the bed with the cat still in it today...she didn't want to move...:-)
Walked to work...

Installed some new "Thin Clients" (computer terminals that are only OPAC's) and spent an hysterical half hour with running gags about,
How thin the new "thin clients were", (the new ones are very small and piggy back onto a Dell screen)... looked a bit like a parasite on the back of the screen.
How to fatten them up..lots of client use, saving and printing searches etc.
How to repackage the older, outdated "thin clients" into the same boxes to send them away... solution - diet...lol

Grappling around a bit at the moment in the new position at MPOW. The new semester will soon be upon us and I will be presenting more information literacy classes then I have before. Funny thing about the whole of my recent course, it didn't teach me how to teach, its sort of an expected, on the job thing for Librarians. I am trying to distil what will be needed here from the Big City Branch, and working out how much, when, on demand or scheduled etc.. Onward and Upward...

We had morning tea today for a member of staff who has worked at the campus for 40 years. He started in 1967 at 18 and never left. He recounted a few funny tales and was presented with some suitable momento's by his manager.
40 years is a very long time, as I think about it I realised that I have worked at my current place of work since 1999, not all permanent, some contract, but still it will be unoffically 10 years next year. He has been here 3 more decades..wow!

All for now FeralTB-)


Lynn said...

I'm curious, how are the thin clients working? I worked in a public library several years ago and we had many issues with them; of course, they were another brand.

On an aside, I'm jealous you could walk to work. It's a balmy 11 degrees and snowing here with expectations of 4 - 8 inches before the end of the work day.

TB-) said...

Hi Lynn, The new ones are working fine. Our IT seem to have them just as we need them. The staff think they are great as they leave the other computers free.
It is 33 degrees centigrade here today. Snow, whats that? :-)