Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What can I say...I want one of these..

Reference Desk badge
But mine has to say...

Ask Me
"if we are the Public Library?...
and can I check my email?"
@your academic library...

(3 times today....)

[Musing: Sometimes, I feel we need to look at servicing this need, the local public library has only 4, well used computers...maybe a pay as you go thing... or that might be too hard to work out for non students, licensing etc. probably easier to lobby the local gov. to get more computers in the Public Library..]

I wonder what is the most asked question at other libraries?
how too?
can I?
will you?
Where is?



Sputty said...

The core business at my library is the stapler.
And often a small workshop is needed on how to use it.

TB-) said...

Hey Sputty, Did you go to the football?
We still have the stapler question...one of our regular ones!
Hope you are well.