Friday, April 25, 2008

ANZAC Day & Library Book Sale
ANZAC day 2008
This morning was quite cold as I walked with my daughter to the Dawn service. There were quite a lot of people attending. We left the house at 5:00am as the service started earlier this year so it would be dawn as it was finishing. It was very moving, We will remember them...

I enjoy a second hand book sale and this one in our desert town was no different. The sale is a joint effort by our local public library and the State Library of Western Australia.
In one of the sheds at the local sports arena, there were lots of trestle tables set up by the local public library staff to hold the items.

The phamphlet states:
"30,000 discarded library books on sale; buy a truckload; fiction, other languages, childrens books; priced to clear 50c. Nonfiction priced from $3."
Who could resist a bargin like that. The photo is one I snapped, with my phone, to show the layout. The fiction was towards the back and the pricier items were at the front. (Special nonfiction etc.)
I have to say that this sale happens in our town about once every two years. A large semi-trailer arrives filled with blue mesh crates of items in different genres. The local public library staff set them out in the shed and the towns folk decend!

I must admit to being surprised that it was happening on ANZAC day, not only because it is a public holiday, but because of the wages they would have to pay the staff. (Unless they volunteered..? If they did I hope they got first pick or something.)
I was talking to one of the Librarians from the state library, on facebook, who was weeding (or deselecting) the items, and I told her to throw in some good ones:-)
Though, one womans good book, is anothers dull

The books I picked out for various people in the family and myself are:
"Jingo" Terry Pratchett
"Singer from the Sea" Sheri S. Tepper
"Foundation and Chaos" Greg Bear
Non Fiction:
"My Land of the North" Catherine Cookson (for the Mum-in-Law)
"Cadfael Country" Rob Talbot & Robin Whiteman (always enjoyed Cadfael mysteries! And the descriptions of this area.)
"Needle Lace & Needle Weaving" Jill Nordfors
"Screen Works" Marion Elliot
"Shearing Life in Australia" Ray Sherman (for Dad)
"Spike Milligan: a celebration" Roger Sawyer (for Son)
$5.00 of picture books and audio Cassettes for my daughter, which filled a green bag! These included a story on cassette by Anthony Horowitz "Granny" (looked brand new) and an interesting picture book on Leonardo Da Vinci, which she picked out because she likes his

Anyway I ran out of cash at this point and they didn't take cards. I think I may have to go back tomorrow or Sunday.


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