Friday, July 04, 2008

IT Librarian

IT Librarian

Thanks to
TravelinLibrarian for the link.
As he says....."It's gonna be ok..." lol

Thought this was great!
A Z39.50 staff member who enables Library Staff to communicate to IT Staff.

(Some Librarians marry IT professionals, perhaps there is something in that for all of us! I know of three!)

JB isn't an IT professional, but he does come up with gems, like yesterday when he told me that a new program in CAD would allow him to use the Wii controller and bluetooth to do a presentation at work...without the other Wii bits.

More new tech..
Been investigating twitter, and realise that on Facebook when we edit, "what am I doing now.." this is sort of like Twitter..I like this so maybe...mmm... (just can't imagine that anyone would be that interested in my daily doings...only my 'friends' lol. FeralTB-)

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