Thursday, July 03, 2008

unconference .....

I was/am very excited to be going to the Library Unconference Library 2.0 and beyond: getting our hands dirty, in Perth Western Australia in August....(very glad I registered in time as places went very fast.)

So excited, I went to sit at the "desk" at the Australian Library Building in 2nd Life. This was partly to make sure I could still get on and partly to do some thinking about how I could contribute,and what I could achieve/find out/learn at the conference. Its very quiet here and because I hadn't had a reason to visit for a while, I had to remember 'how' to place the chair behind the desk so I could sit down. (There seemed to be a big lag so I didn't achieve much, must be busy time o/s.)

Anyway, here are a few of my thoughts:

1. Networking
(I don't have much contact with colleagues with similar interests and this will be a great opportunity.)
2. Gauging levels of sophistication of others in Library 2.0
(so I can work out where I am at , still think I am way behind on the technical side, being a “digital immigrant”!....)
3. Idea gathering
(Taking home some of the ideas to implement in the desert for our library staff, who are mostly "digital immigrants", and students)
4. Contribution
(hard one , without knowing a bit more about 1&2...don’t want to share what they already know...I feel I know a little about lots of unconnected things, and maybe not enough about any of them. Whether that can translate into a contribution, well...mmm)
5. Keeping up, and not losing what you don’t immediately use...
(This will be a big challenge, I have forgotten a lot that I had originally discovered about 2.0 over the past year as other things took precedence, finishing study, gaining position at MPOW etc.)

So pondering again...
2.0 Things I know something about:

2.0 Things to learn:
Twitter (why?)
Gadgets (just how many can I handle)
Myspace (choices between social networking sites, why?
What I don't know I should know...?

One of my major thoughts is, I need to be able to communicate with 'digital natives', or Clients in the library who are up with the web 2.0 and moving onto web 3.0, (I have one in my house and his sister is catching up).

I watched my son the other evening while he was doing his homework, he was...
chatting live to three people,
checking wikipedia, (& a 'real' book, lol)
playing a game,
doing an assignment,
& talking to his sister about the new Wii game "super smash bros"

Talk about multitasking.
And maybe this is what I need to learn more about the most. It goes well with Library work, as you can be doing many different things every day in a library, this is just moving it to a new arena, while keeping an eye on the 'real world'.

I finished my pondering and asked the "L2 Monolith" for a thought and it said...
"wax lyrical about Librarian 2.0 and call it Library 1.5"

I think my current position, is Librarian
peace out, FeralTB-)


Kathryn Greenhill said...

Good to see the building is still being used - and you look so nice behind the counter...

Don't know about your tech skills, but considering you started blogging before I did, and the way you experimented in Second Life - I'd say your attitude and willingness to have a go makes you a standout...and a good candidate to be Librarian 2.5 ...

TB-) said...

Thanks Kathryn, Cheers, I appreciate that coming from you.
My tech skills are not that high, but I am working on it. Its retaining all the many and varied parts of the new tech I find difficult at times, if I don't use it all regularly.
We are waiting to see if we can trial 2nd life at mpow, so hopefully...