Sunday, December 14, 2008

New toy, Wordle & cloud Memory

New Eeepc 1000H as early birthday pressie Yay! (playing as Librarianidol says 'new toys = fun' !)

I was pleased to discover the the new Eeepc will create a wordle, the old computer didn't have the Java to do it "or the memory...filled it up, now working on another memory space.:-) Wordle

Bit worried about the family 'memory cloud' in an increasing number of older computers in our family I.T. graveyard! going to have to work on that. I am a 'steptoe' at heart and keep everything, it all truely needs a clear out, reshape and a delivery of the old to the sone to take apart and explore!!
nuf now tired goodnight FeralTB-) (aka Kalgrl)


Sputty said...

I'm jealous - I'll have to check out the price of those doodads here..
It's either buy one of those - or go to Beirut for the New Year long weekend!

Kalgrl said...

doodad AUS$742 @ Harvey Norman. hopefully you can get one at a better price OS, thought Beirut sounds a little on the extreme for shopping :-)