Friday, December 05, 2008

NLS4 (rescued blogging the

I thought I had lost the post below when the computer cut out on me at the symposium. I thought I would post as it was and do a longer one when I get time: so here was my first abortive attempt to 'Blog a conf..'

(...going away now to do the many things booked this week!)


Blogging the conference is fraught with difficulty, finding a computer!!

We have broken for afternoon tea and I thought I would share a little in my 15 mins.

Opening address - CEO Vic. State Library
We Need "new energy, new ideas, new questions, new ways to assess the past and imagination..." there was more, but I lost it in the listening...

Janette Wright - CAVAL described her experiences in the Librarian profession, and encouraged all delegates.

Margy Anderson introduced the "dark side" engaging vendors from DA, Raeco and Ebsco.

Michelle McClean, wants us to stay ahead of the Curve...with taking personal responsibility for our careers.

A/Prof Gillian Hallan introduced the e-portfolio (fired up to learn more!!)

Petra Colliingwood - RMIT talk on being "PROACTIVE OPPORTUNIST!"

Jill Benn & Michelle Brennard talked about Mentoring from both sides.

Katie Watson gave us ideas on getting 'Bang for our Membership Buck"

There were many more and I will put more up when I have more time!


Anonymous said...

Did you enjoy it for yourself as a good networking experience to get together with other librarians not just the rara of the papers. I assume that where you live and work there are not many other librarians to hang out and share notes with

Kalgrl said...

Yes it was a great networking experience. Just sharing experiences of library 'stuff' asking questions and enjoying company of peers.
Now using some of the new tools to develop a network to talk to/share with.