Monday, December 01, 2008

Revampin' the blog...its time

Blog news:
I had decided on revamping the blog some time ago, did some art work for the banner and promptly lost it with a computer failue at home.
So here is the new look, slightly different from the one I had intended, but not too bad.

Other news:
NLS4 I am off to the New librarians Symposium 4 in Melbourne this week. I am looking forward to the conference, the program is looking wonderful!
The debate topic will be very hot I think... from

Librarian Idol in his post of Wed. Nov. 26th...

"that all librarians who were trained in the pre-Google Age should be required to requalify for professional accreditation"

Going along feeling like I have a interest in both sides, having retrained from Library technician to Librarian recently, and now working in my first position as an Academic Librarian.

The Conference is being held in the centre of Melbourne and it will give me an opportunity to catch up with other 'new Librarians' and my brother and his family.
It is a social whirl, with dinner at the MCG and a cocktail party. (I have google mapped the places I need to go to :-)

A very interesting week ahead.

All for now, Feral TB-)


CW said...

Have a great time!

Kalgrl said...

Thank you :-)