Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year - 2009

Happy New Year everyone, I hope the new year brings with it many activities which you enjoy and you keep safe and happy!
Found this youtube video via HeyJude
1 year in 40 seconds

In many ways I feel this is how 2008 has passed, extremely quickly.
I have learnt a lot and hopefully I will be able to gather the bits I need in a coherent fashion and move forward!

From an idea on Flexnib's blog
I thought I would
'practice my gratitude' today and think of 5 things I was grateful for in the past year, so...
1. Loving family and friends
2. Living in this country
3. Generous colleagues
4. Librarians (a bunch of wonderful, sharing, brilliant people!)
5. Opportunities

Oh and I have to add
6. Tea, I enjoy tea in its many forms, black, green, peppermint etc.
(I should add I am not sure of Chai tea yet as milky, flavoured, weak tea is not a favourite of mine! I probably just haven't found one I like :-)

And now, please enjoy...

Happy New Year. FeralTB-))kalgrl.

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CW said...

Happy New Year, kalgrl! Looking forward to working with you in 2009 :)