Friday, February 27, 2009

Busy busy busy

New year and we have started fast, the high school (yrs 11 & 12 only) college on our campus has 610 students. The School of Mines has a few hundred on campus and a few hundred off campus!and I am not sure how many are at the TAFE!

Information Literacy classes for the High School seem to be well received. Been including "pop Culture" images and it seems to be catching their interest. After a session i have been giving a frisby to the ones who can answer a question and someone has it right each time! So something is working.
Have delivered some classes to the Nursing and Education students, both higher Ed and Dip. through the TAFE.

The classes for the School of Mines start next week and the lecturers are getting me to deliver over two weeks, databases and then Endnote,, in a lab in their buildings. Had to get the IT people to give me a crash course in using their equipment, usually a quick study me, so should go ok.

Downloaded the new version of Endnote to my eeepc last night, just to remember how to do it!
(btw my new 'leetle' mouse [belkin] is working like a charm...i<3 it!)

Getting the hang of the next G portable modem stick thingy (technical term that), don't like the way the phone co. rip your remaining money off you at the end of the month if you are a leetle late recharging grrr!

On a personal note I am grateful for:
1. Supportive family
2. Supportive Team
3. as Cptn Pickard says, "tea hot, earl grey" (& others)
4. opportunities to increase my knowledge
5. husband teaching son to drive!
All for now Kalgrl!

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