Friday, February 20, 2009

New Year starts with a rush....

I auditioned for a December, and it is a good drama and murder set in the 1880's England along the Thames down from London. Got a great part and am now, Miss Fiske, Leonora Fiske... The play is called "Ladies in Retirement" (on at the Goldfields Arts Centre in early March - small plug there :-))

Things I had forgotten,
How hard it is to learn a lot of lines!!!
How interesting it is to work closely with a small cast of new people.
How busy I am at the start of semester 1, eeeep!
Making props is a lot of fun, researching what 1880's mail looks like this morning.
Letting emotions loose on stage, while not real, can still feel very real.
1880's costumes in February Australia are very hot!

I am enjoying it immensely and trying to keep all aspects of life together, smiling at family, agreeing to do that class...etc I MUST remember if I do it again, I shouldn't go for the good drama at the start of the year!
The lines are getting there, off to make some 1880's mail now..bye kalgrl

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