Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Library Day - January 25th 2010

One day in the Library life - (gosh it has taken me three days to complete this post #busy)

Sharing what I did in one day at the Library.

8:00 leave for work in car.
8:10 Stop at coffee shop for flat white and Banana Maple Muffin.
8:20 Arrive at work - turn off security and turn on lights and loans desk computers
8:30 Go to office to work on expenses for trip to MPOW main campus, greeting team as they arrive. Library doors open to clients.
9:00 Turn on email and remember arranged (2009) to show Humanities team tour of new facilities - prepare.
9:30am Receive email from Humanities team leader - she is on leave for the long weekend and will not be in - cancelled tour.
9:30 Email (still catching up from leave)
deal with tasks from email:
including new item request from lecturer - interesting title for reusing "past use by date" mining open pits, "101 things to do with a hole in the ground".
& where is the item I requested? - another lecturer - send email request for update.
(realise left diary at home - sigh!)
10:00 phone call from Mr 18 - he has a place at his university accommodation village - phew - much paperwork to be completed, but still... :D
!!celebrate with tea and breakfast muffin :D
10:15 received phone call from potential employee L/A position - gave relevant information.
10:20 colleague dropped in to enquire about L/A position - for his spouse. ditto
10:30 help client register-on and use the new printing/photocopying system
10:45 check new items received while on leave, now on display. Have to keep up
11:00 Mail - tub from main campus contains new item I have been waiting for, open mail - complete tasks from mail and sneek a peek at book on "Personal Learning networks"
12:00 Desk - and also help colleague move desks to new area. (relocating computer etc.) Various tasks on desk - mainly new copy card system and loans of scanner.
13:00 lunch
14:00 various tasks arising from morning activities including sorting out details of recruitment for Library Assistant
15:30 Reference/enquiries Desk
17:00 Home

glass of white and new book - bliss

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