Tuesday, March 02, 2010

PD on my mind

10 professional things learnt this past year,
(2nd year of professional appointment)

1. Try to be evenhanded in all your dealings,
things often turn out different to expectations.

2. Chair for selection Panel for new staff.
(good for CV. Time wise - nightmare to organise.)

3. The need to develop a thicker skin.
Remain compassionate, and still make decisions. (the buck stops here..)

4. Things don't remain the same, just wait - change will come.
(you won't necessarily like it.)

5. Professional staff don't necessarily want to share.

6. Acronyms (unexplained) are the 'bane' of online learners
google does help if you have a vague idea what you are looking for.

7. Ask

8. Professional development is still work, and you need to 'work' at it.

9. Patience is hard to develop (esp. with builders and HR)

10. Statistics are important.


1.Let family things happen, don't stress.
They will still happen and you will be too stressed to deal.


Kathryn Greenhill said...

Thanks for this list. I love it. It's a great reflective tool, also that you had presence of mind to write down these simple things that often people don't realise they have learned..

Bookishgirl74 said...

Hey Kalgirl, I love this list, Kathryn's comment rings true for me... just when I was starting to think I had learn't nothing much last/this year I know realise I have...Grazie (Thank-you)

Kalgrl said...

Thank you Kathryn and Bookishgirl74 for your comments. I appreciate the feedback. :-)