Saturday, June 05, 2010

Blog Birthday - 4th !

Just recently I passed my 4th 'Blog Birthday".
When I started this blog I was in a different position and it feels like another world.

Some ecletic things that were happening at the same time:
Twitter started in March 2006.
2006 was the international year of Deserts and Desertification.
It was Mozarts 250th Birthday
Star's babies were born in 2006, Kingston, Moses and Suri.
Pluto was demoted :-(
The third in line to the Chrysanthemum Throne of Japan was born.

The thing is, the item I most remember was Pluto was demoted to a rock, so upsetting.

I even knew a rhyme from childhood to remember the planets, and to top that all off the books on the shelf on the solar system were now so, yesterday.
Pluto is God of the Underworld, how can you de-planet a God?
Still not over that.:-)

Anyway happy #blogeverydayinjune


cupcake is from here
de-planeted pluto graphic from here


NomesD said...

Twitter started in 2006? Wow I'm such a latecomer. You know stuff. I likes that :-)

geomancer said...

I feel your pain - I better check the shelves tomorrow and the catalogue - I don't think the library I work at has demoted pluto - not yet anyway.

Kathryn Greenhill said...

Happy bloggiversary! We must have started around about the same time. BTW - you forgot Shiloh :) :)