Friday, June 04, 2010

MY new favourite kitchen thingy!

TGIF - short blog today.
My new favourite thing in the kitchen. Wonderful retro measure for dry foods.
english cups, american cups, ounces, grams.



CW said...

Love it! I have one too but it's all battered and bruised - not seen a shiny one :)

Kalgrl said...

found it at 'House' we have a great one up here. many browseable hours for kitchen gadgets

Penny said...

my mum used to have these :) THe retro gadget I want is a balloon hand beater. Very hard to find.

KatieTT said...

I have one of these too- picked it up in an op shop a few years back and when I researched it a bit I found mine didn't have a base, but I use it and like its shape and purpose. I should get a new one thought with a base :-)