Monday, June 28, 2010

Hi ho Hi ho, its off to a workshop we go....

Working on the practical exercise.

Went to a "Disaster Management" workshop today.
Set up by the Collections Care Co-ordinator for this area. (Thank you Elaine.)
Here are some pictures from the day....

'Non significant' fabric objects drying

Our 'Significant Objects' air drying.

We had a great presentation by Kay Soderlund from Preservation Australia.
The morning was spent on learning how to prepare a plan for your organisation in the event of an 'event', and in the afternoon we did a practical exercise in working with objects and paper that had been damaged by water.

This kind of plan has been in the conversation/planned training of organisations in this area since the 5.2 earthquake earlier in the year, and we all discovered we didn't have one when it was needed. A large number of the groups from the area, largely complacent to the earth moving as we were used to the mine blasts on a daily basis, discovered a renewed interest in disaster planning.
Now all we need to do is write up a plan for our Branch Library and pass along notes to the other branches.

We did this in the Kalgoorlie Town Hall, banquet room with beautiful pressed tin ceiliings and chandeliers, (I forgot to take a photo of) and it was Freezing!!
Had to feel sorry for Kay who had been in Broome last week, where it was hot,(but then, she was in Broome, lucky her!). I do believe hypothermia set in and I began to feel very sleepy from the cold. (It had walmed up to a balmy 12.7C when we broke for lunch.) Lunch was provided and Yummy.

All in all a good, productive day!


Penny said...

In my mind I can't match up Kalgoorlie with cold! :) But clearly my mind needs re-educating.

Kalgrl said...

We are in the Desert. It is a Dry cold and can get down to the wee small temperatures in the middle of winter.