Tuesday, June 08, 2010

interactive white board nil - librarian one!


I 'e-worked out' how to use the 'ink layer' on the interactive whiteboard today.
Feel quite chuffed with myself. Thank you PLN for hints and tips and links. Plan to tackle a new part of it each day, time permitting. Resting on my laurels now with glass of nice white.
#NTS Important thing to remember for today. Put the pens back into the holder before you can use the interactive keyboard - only 1 input device at a time!


'e-worked out' my term for when i use a mixture of reading, online and playing around until I get it...


restructuregirl said...

I'm so jealous. What new toy too!

Anonymous said...

We have one of those: but I must admit I have struggled to find something "worthwhile" in terms of info lit classes to use it for (it's in a student training room, not a staff facility)

Do you use it for IL sessions? What ones and how?

Kalgrl said...

@restructuregirl yes it is a new toy... learning it now.

@liberrydwarf it was installed too late for me to learn to use in the main info lit classes at the start of semester. I just used it as an ordinary white board for those. Just learning it now and think it may replace tedious powerpoint instruction for something more live! - I have to explore more. Luckily it is in the Library training room and I can get at it!

Sputty said...

Hi T,
we used these in Sharjah - I love em - is it a Smartboard or a Teamboard?

Here's a game that you could use in classes using the teamboard. Get students to come up in pairs and the whole class can join in to help them.


Anonymous said...

Woot! Well deserved glass of wine I am sure.

Just wanted to share a lovely post from Christopher Cheng, (one of my favourite children's authors)on use of the electronic whiteboard - truly an inspirational tale:

Kalgrl said...

Hey Sputty, its a smart board, I haven't heard of the team boards. Thanx for the game.

thank you for the link newgradlibrarian I will have a look at that.