Wednesday, June 09, 2010

What's unread by the bed....

10 titles I haven't read on the shelf near the bed... and why...

1. Breath by Tim Winton
not sure why I haven't read this yet, think I need a space of time.
2. Incite magazine
came in the mail today
3. Uglies by Scott Westerfield
brought for Ms13 - in my patch for some reason
4. Nancy Wake - by Peter Fitzsimons
bio of our greatest war heroine (born in NZ :-) not in the mood yet
5.Infernal Devices - Philip Reeve
Saving for the holidays
6. The ship of Brides - Jojo Moyes
Recommendation from friend -not sure its my type of book
7. Deep Water - Peter Corris
new author for me - started sort of
8. Life of Pi - Yann marterl
Bought cheap at a student bookshop in Melbourne - next on the list
9. The Canterbury Tales - Chaucer
impulse pick from work catalogue
10. The Black Madonna - Traci Harding
book three in a series - losing its appeal

There are at least 10 more...
Whats unread by your bed? and why?



Penny said...

cool - another meme :)

Anonymous said...

I confess to having nothing unread by the bed.... although I have a stack of un'read' audiobooks to get through, just waiting to be downloaded. I do most of my recreational reading via audiobook these days, saves putting my glasses on and off and means I can 'read' while walking to and from the train station as well as on the train.

snail said...

I have a whole bookcase worth of books I haven't read yet - too many to actually record the titles :-)

Kalgrl said...

@penny goodoh I was thinking about one meme we did last year about picking up the book narest you.. turning to a certain page and reading out sentance no. 5 - and I had so many near me, so meme born.

@newgradlibrarian unread audio forgot those ;-)

@snail these are just some of the ones by the bedside. many more in bookcase :-)