Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a month of sharing

what a fabulous month it has been for sharing.

i laughed, i cried and i read till it hurt.

Practicing gratitude for Wednesday.

i am grateful this month for;

1. the marvelous wonderful sharing group librarians and information professionals are
2. the stories
3. the recipes
4. the visuals
5. the learning
6. the links

i am grateful for the most useful tool which was the netvibes page set up by Kate Bunker. (we are not worthy... :-)
i am very grateful to @flexnib for getting us all motivated!

The month was a challenge, and i did not achieve the goal of 'every day', however i participated, cleaned up the blog and began writing/sharing again. Thank you all for a wonderful reading/writing month.

1 comment:

Penny said...

Hey.... new look! Noice.

It's been a great month.