Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Desk....

Items in no order of importance that happened today on Sunday Shift at desk!

1. payment terminal crashed - 10 minutes to work out what was wrong, thanks to casual staff that helped put it back together. :-))

2. lots of very tired students on this the Sunday in the middle of the exam period.

3. the student with the 'winning smile' who tried to con me into letting him have more than his fair share of overnight loans & early. (what didn't he understand about 'Exam week', in demand items and sharing??) Later on before closing I let him have 3 as no one else was standing in line and I would hate it to be on the shelf and not being used! (even then he tried for a 'sleep in' return time.)

4. 'anatomically correct disgusting drawing' found in computer room handed in by, thankfully a mature person, who just suggested I shred it, done!

5. student with many fines trying to borrow 'in demand' loans with another students card, without written permission. (he eventually paid his fines and took the book he needed - I didn't feel bad as he has been doing this for three years.)

6. philosophical discussion about families being the same the world over with casual staff who hails from mainland China. This was over a cup of green tea.

7. Post grad. student from South America, dropping into campus for two weeks, asking about conference papers. Found some!

8. face mask on to flush loos in mens toilet when opening - uggh. (only joking about the mask, not the loos. arhh country livin' gotta love it. - cleaner doesn't come in from friday morning until monday and it can get...) much hand cleanser/sanitizer applied.

9. going home time came and we went out into a little rain, Yay!


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Penny said...

they do love to try it on those students...