Saturday, June 19, 2010

What makes you happy?

via @flexnib from creative circ

Family evenings on cold nights, talking, eating and playing Wii sports and MarioKart.
nice walk on cool but sunny day
Queens Park - Perth WA.
Music - I have very eclectic, 'uninformed' taste - from classic on up.
Musicals - with a story such as Dr Horrible's sing along blog and 'Rocky Horror' (gotta love those tunes :-)
New shoes
Bread and butter pudding with cream
Tea, hot (wish I had a replicator like C'ptn Picard)
'Classic' Science Fiction short stories - this genre has it all going on with some very fine writing. I love it when I discover a new 'old' Author.
SFX magazine - spoiler alert!
Max our red kelpie - he is always pleased to see me!
Opening things - from Mail to a brand new book! (simple soul me :P)
Big old trees with history, big leaf canopy and root system.
#blogeverydayinjune (or sorta :-)


restructuregirl said...

Everyone else's lists are making me realise there are things I missed on mine! Opening things is a big one for me too. However now when I get packages I have them delivered to my friend's house. Then they can be opened with her 3yo son. It's even more excited to be greeted at the door with "You have a package, you have a package" and then have him running around and around in excitement. He's not usually interested in the item. Just the empty box, especially fi he fits in it!

Kalgrl said...

I love that about your friend's son how lovely. Ms 13 is ready for snail mail, but doesn't get much as she is on email. A letter is an 'occasion', even if it is her new bus pass. :-)