Monday, June 13, 2011

#blogjune Day 13 ...don't look now...nothing is going on...

I was thinking only a month ago that I had nothing to do.
The play had finished, work has slowed a bit as classes had finished and it was mid term and after Easter and I had submitted the paper I had written for NLS5. (Which by the way I havn't heard anything about as yet...)


- work took off and I have so much to do I am slightly dazed at the end of each day.

- I have committed to helping organize a celebration weekend for the Theatre Group I belong to, 80th anniversary in October. + helping with the history.

- I have been on a committee to, which if I am honest, I haven't be able to add much value, until recently and I have two urgent jobs to complete for that group. Both of which will take time.

- I was sick with the flu, which has taken 2 full weeks to shake and I am still tired.

- I am planting a front garden. To try to become water wise, we killed off all the grass over a couple of months and now we are planting natives and weed mat and mulch. We are making it up as we go along. ( we tried sugar cane mulch and that stuff looks like straw, got rid of it and put down good dark organic mulch, which looks a lot better and probably won't catch alight if some passer by throws a cigarette on it. Might put in a vege garden later and the sugar cane mulch might be good for that.)

- I started to get interested in baking again, it is winter. Made "Cappucino Cupcakes" this weekend.

- for some reason after not watching the last series at all, I am now addicted to Master Chef.

- Reading is on the eyephone and a lot of interesting links on twitter... forget fiction at the moment.

- #Blog every day for June started....

I could add more to the list, however the point is not to whinge but say I am grateful that I have so much in my life and am now just a little bit wistful for one month ago. :-)

The quiz -
Play and character please.

"Well we can't all come and go by bubble!!"


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