Tuesday, June 14, 2011

#blogjune Day 14 - 5 book meme

What am I reading now?
Twitter links mainly, to blogs for June!

The last book I finished?
The City Who Fought - Stirling & McCaffrey

What do I want to read next?
The Mary Smokes Boys (started, not yet finished)

The last book I bought?
Agatha Christie "murder at the vicarage' (paper)
The second ship -book one of the Rho Agenda (e-book)

The last book i was given?
50th anniversary copy of
'To Kill a Mocking Bird'
present from my Mum as she knows I love the book.

The quiz needs a lighter vein so, Musicals!
Song & musical please...

'What they want is what you see,
Keep the best of you,
Do the rest of you...'


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