Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#blogjune Day 15 - alas poor Kobo..

The day I talk about my Kobo, and my sadness at annoying things

I have a kobo ebook and I like it. It can be a bit clunky when compared with even the flashy new versions of itself, no wifi etc. But it is a good practical easy to use e- reader, were it not for the vendor of my choice.

I chose to buy this from Borders in Australia. I had few problems and managed to follow the reasonably convoluted trail when I had  a difficulty, which mostly was a time thing,  "just wait, the problem will right itself" and usually it did.

I started to encounter other annoying difficulties with upgrades and compatability about the time Borders went into receivership, so help was necessary. I worked the problem until I had a query in with the helpdesk, and waited. The answer that came back, didn't make a lot of sense in the scheme of my concern, basically they suggested I download software I already had in the Kobo. 

About the time this became frustrating, I got my iPhone and I have been exploring that as a tool for everything, including e-books.
Consequently my Kobo has been neglected and lies dormant on the bedside table. (still at the top of the pile.)

I am now a bit further down the track recovering slightly from i-madness and feel the need to get back to the e- book, and I have to my mind a couple of choices.
1. Buy a new ebook ... Easiest thing to do, but $$
2. Use the Kobo with a new vendor.
3. Sit down and actually get my head around the stuff from borders, if I can, and if it is actually worth doing.
4. Purchase i-pad.

Problem with all of this is, time, skill, upgrade necessary, $$$ and what I actually want. Which is a light portable book.

I have been looking at the new e-books that take notes and do all sorts of 'new fangled' things, and I do 'lust' after a new one. However, I do like my Kobo and would hate to  just chuck it when it has a lot of life in it yet. (evil thought no. 1 - I could give it to Ms 14... Then I would need a new one :)

I am sad that I was so annoyed with the bookshops closing and that has affected my joy of the first e-book I have owned, and I didn't keep up. 
Also the iPhone is so easy to use, it makes everything else seem harder.
I also am a very visual learner and convoluted upgrades do my head in.

(evil thought no. 2  - I am leaning towards combining 2 of the choices above.)

Anyway, time for a ponder and a sleep, however Tony Delroy's issue of the day is the decline of the book shop, so I may have to listen.


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