Thursday, June 30, 2011

#blogjune Day 30 - 'Last day Capricorn 23'

June 2011 - A wonderful Sharing Month.

A'giggle' of Librarians at the tweetup (with a-ma-zing hot chocolate)

Last day of June 2011.
Sunset today at 5:15 pm - Corner of Brookman and Lane Streets - Kalgoorlie Western Australia

It has been a long month professionally with a lot happening in the schools on the campus, and at MPOW, still nothing resolved fully about changes so 'heidy ho'...

It is semester break for the University students, however the Highschool have one more week and TAFE finished officially today. We are quiet and getting the jobs done that we can only achieve in the 'quiet' times. We also had two staff off this week at a Senior first aid course, (so I am feeling safer already)one on long service and two casuals away for semester break.

For a sense of personal achievement, I published my first LibGuide today, I felt I had learnt enough, through all the hints and tips in the emails from Perth colleagues and my own reading, to work out how to put it together. Ongoing learning curve there.

I love being a Librarian, and even though it can be very stressful and isolated at times, it is a wonderful thing to help someone find what they want, even if it is only the 'stapler'. (4x today :-)

Another huge plus was I enjoyed my first 'tweetup' on the weekend and my only regret was not enough time to talk MORE with all the Librarians who came along. Thanks to @lutie for arranging such a wonderful treat (and her a-ma-zing texta pen). Everyone was waving ipads and ebook readers and nametags and hot chocolate and talking and talking and laughing and sharing. so good! Wonderful to meet face to face.

I hope your month was enjoyable and you read and laughed and shared as we did.
July 2011


ps* sorry about the 'Logans Run' joke in the title, but sometimes phrases remind me of movie lines and this old scifi was full of 'last days'. *grin*

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