Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#blogjune day29 'keeping score for June 2011'

I have been a bit busy, buzzing around and doing. It is nearly the end of June and I feel the need to count up the successes and failures of the month, to see the score...
(things in no particular order... )

1. Began #blogjune with a passion and managed to blog 17 days straight (win)
2. Covering for staff on long service at work and spread myself a bit too thin... Feeling the pinch of tasks not complete and rushed for time constraints - poor time management (fail)
3. Went to my first 'tweetup' with a beautiful group of, sharing, giving, chatty, calorie loving :), wonderful Librarians. Just soaking up the enthusiasm was brilliant! (win)
4. Not enough time spent with @sputty11 and @flexnib - need to rectify that... (fail)
5. Joined 'Bennett nerds ahoy' at Supernova... With all the trimmings of fanboi fun... I love inventive, creative and slightly cracked people, and this venue rocked with that! (win)
6. Geek Souvenirs acquired - tardis cookie jar with noise and light, 'don't blink' and 'I kissed a timelord and liked it' t shirts, 'trueblood' - bar and grill' 1/2 apron, 2 new covers for my iPhone. (win)
7. Funeral of a friend (sad fail)
8. Spent time with my family, doing things we like to do (win)
9. Didn't blog everyday in June (fail)
10. Haven't 'yet' read all the wonderful blog entries that friends are contributing to #blogjune (fail)
11. Started reading fiction again (win)
12. Extended family stuff - Got the date wrong for friends daughters birthday again, sent hoody too small to nephew for his birthday and lost receipt. Horrid, short, tired phone call with brother. Dad not well, Mum coping. Aunty not well. (cluster fail)
13. Was late for work on my early start - twice (fail)
14. E- books and e-book readers - time to assess and evaluate - time management (fail)
15. Hugged Ms 14, Mr 19 and JB more and tried to be as supportive as I could with all their projects. (win)
16. Planted start of new garden at front of house. (win)
17. Began writing and editing book (win)
18. Joined committe for important anniversary of theatre group - organizers 'r' us (win)
19. Was joyful for friend who achieved success and new position at work and Europe trip (win, win)
20. Taken time to breath, a couple of times. (win)
21. Clear wardrobe - domestic task for June . (fail)

Time to stop and count coup:
Win = 12
Fail = 9

Well I do believe I have achieved my eagle feather for June.

Dear family, friends and 'tweeps', I hope you all can count June 2011 as a win.


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