Sunday, June 26, 2011

#blogjune day26 &17 Barry

Last Friday I went to a Funeral of a friend. I seemed to lose my 'blog mojo' and become more introspective  and wasn't ready to blog then. So here is last Fridays blog. 

Barry was one of nature's gentlemen.
He was a lovely man who was generous with both his personal time and expertise in mechanical areas. He would spend time helping people, patch that bike tyre, get that missing part or stopping to chat.

He also treated people well and always had a kind word for all. I probably don't know all there is to know about Barry, I am sure he had his very human moments, like the rest of us. 

I got to know Barry when he was 'going steady' (can't say dating as the word doesn't seem to fit the man, brylcreme and  Slim Dusty were more his style:)with a close friend. She was recovering from a bitter divorce and had over some years a few difficult relationships.

Barry treated her well, flowers and laughter were in her life. He was nice and courteous and treated the members of her extended family well.

Unfortunately Barry smoked, heavily as did other members of his family. His sister was suffering with cancer and dying. My friend asked him, if they were to continue their relationship would he give up smoking? He would not. Her decision then, to protect herself from further hurt was to end the relationship. Barry stayed a friend to her and her family and helped them in many ways.

The irony is, that friend died of cancer in 2004. Barry was working and right up until the day he died a couple of weeks ago.

I was a friend of Barry and he taught me the value of enjoying what you do, valuing those closest to you and what a true generous soul is like.

I hugged my family more this week.

RIP Barry.



CW said...


Good to take the time to reflect on all the great things in life!

Sputty said...

I remember Barry very fondly, T. As you say, a lovely man and one of nature's gentlemen.

I'm sure he'll be missed by many...

Anonymous said...

A lovely tribute to your mate