Tuesday, June 07, 2011

#blogjune Day 7 - Sparkling with Confidence

I had the opportunity to go to a "Sparkling with Confidence" workshop this evening organised by Pippa Baxter and other Teaching Staff at the Eastern Goldfields College. Thanks to them they decided to share their good fortune of a presentation from this noted speaker with the community.

The presenter was Rachel Green (pictured taking a photo of the attendees with her camera).

I hadn't had and opportunity to hear Rachel Green speak before and this seemed an excellent opportunity to participate in a workshop and garner some of her insights into gaining more confidence.

She was an engaging speaker and can make a room laugh, as she will tell you herself, when explaining the difference between boasting and talking about strengths.
You don't need 100% confidence, which is very hard to achieve, as long as you have enough confidence to be doing what you need to be doing.

Using an example of learning how to drive an automatic car (a new area for her) she explains that you need to break what you need to do into smaller steps, and just do what you need to do to move forward one step at a time.
(reminds me of the question - "how do you eat an elephant?" and the answer "one bite at a time".)

After a very humerous story involving a parrot and a silence retreat, she really started me thinking about choosing to practice being confident.

Also giving up the "stinking thinking" and not thinking "what if?, the bad thing might happen and thinking the opposite and choosing to be happy and confident and dealing with things only if/when they occur.

Know your strenghts and realise it is not boasting to talk about your strengths to others and think positively!

A really good tool is to visualise a really happy moment and use that to calm yourself if you are having a crisis of confidence. Replay that memory as you need.

Came away after talking to some new fantastic women, sharing our strengths and with a renewed energy to practice feeling more confident and taking one step at a time.

So go eat your elephant, i've already started on mine:D



Anonymous said...

I'm laughing at the very thought of a parrot and a silence retreat. Sounds like a wonderful evening - no wonder you came away inspired! PLN's all the way :-)

City of Bayswater said...
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Kelly said...

I heard Rachel speak at the Women in Local Government conference at the beginning of June. Her session was about networking and the skills to use in a networking environment - including how to shake someones hand, 10 small talk topics, and how to excuse yourself and move on. Such an engaging speaker.