Monday, June 06, 2011

Day 6 #blogjune - End of Semester One 2011

6 sure signs its the end of first semester and start of exam period,

1. Its very cold (and surprisingly, wet...)
2. The clients all look very tired
3. Long overdue items are returned and excuses made (some work, some don't)
4. Staff have the look that says - shorter hours are soon :D
5. Lots of coffee/hot drinks are being consumed by everyone
6. Some clients we have never seen before, turn up for "the notes"....

Best of luck to all our clients in the next two weeks... enjoy the semester break.


Penny said...

The fact our shelves are chokka is a sign of semester end :)

Kalgrl said...

Yes, that is number 7 sign :)

Emma said...

I was such a stickler for rules I don't think I returned a uni book late once. Not without great mortification, at least :)
Sounds like a pretty trying time. Hope you all get a break at the end of it...