Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our venture... day two

Dear friends,

I am very much afraid that you may be very disappointed with me as I am such a sad correspondent, my apologies for the tardiness of this update on our activities. These are the main events of day two of our venture to Sydney.
It started out as a very fine day and we were elated to have pleasant weather for our chosen day for a walk around Sydney.  The maid took an inordinate amount of time to unpack and she kept complaining of fatigue (I cannot see why as the silly creature had a good night’s sleep in pleasant surrounds). When finally, I had finished my toilet, and she had dressed my hair to my satisfaction, we ventured forth to find some sustenance to sustain us for the day.

Our first concern dealt with (even though we had a small occasion, dear friends,  of ‘Men won’t ask directions…) we discovered that the light rail conveyance ran under our holiday abode, we took quick advantage of a 3 day family pass and ventured forth. This conveyance was very pleasant and staff were very helpful with directions. We alighted, dear friends at ‘Central station’ and managed to negotiate the reasonably confusing ticket purchase and platform selection and rode the train to Circular Key. Just aside, we do not travel overmuch on public transport in our quiet country town.

What beautiful vistas greeted our eyes on alighting from the train and climbing the stairs to the street level, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, the botanical gardens and the beautiful bay. After many sets of stairs and braving the strong winds at the front of the Opera House, there was no chance of a chill as it was still quite warm, we sat for a while in the tranquil gardens overlooking the bay, recovering our strength and viewing the many craft under sail.

Returning to our lodgings we rested briefly before attending the cinema, a new type of play on a device that may catch on, showing moving pictures. The feature was something about an impossible mission.

That is all I can recall of our adventures and as I am now quite fatigued I will say good night dear friends, until next I write.
Yours in exhaustion,
Mrs Bennett

Postscriptum: The maid continues to be fatigued, I believe she has been affected possibly by 'the lag of the jet' , we must ge her a tonic tomorrow to brighten her up.


I am in a blog challenge with other librarians, that is, to write 5 blog posts in the style of Jane Austen, I cannot but say that I have indeed found it a difficult challenge.

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Ceridwyn said...

You write so well, Kalgrl!!! I'm loving reading your posts - especially those antics of your maid! :)