Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Days 3-5 of our sojourn in Sydney

I am writing quickly to enable me to move along from this task as I have found it mildly difficult to write to you as I should, time constraints and many family gatherings prevent.

Day 3 of our journey saw us at the 'Power house museum' viewing a delightful display of artifacts from the 'Harry Potter' school days. Miss Bennett was delighted, Mr Bennett not so much. We gained a few reminders of this display and I must say that 'Bertie Botts every flavour beans' are just that. The maid by the way got a bit hot and tired and we sat quietly in the courtyard for our luncheon, to enable her to recover her strength, before a stoll around the city.

Day 4 we were able to negotiate the trains system and visit the Art Gallery for a delightful exhibition of works by the artist Picasso. Miss Bennett was delighted to view in its original form, one painting she had studied and tried to reproduce in her classes at school. Mr Bennett was happier with the 'real art' of Tom Roberts and a delightful small Van Gough we found in one of the other galleries.
We met up with a friend at the State Library and had a coffee in the rather delightful surroundings, and then strolled through a park area, I believe called 'The Domain'.

Day 5 was one of rest dear friends as we were all, including and especially the maid, tired from our excursions. We had excellent room service at our lodgings, purchased some 'Macarons' to take home and relaxed prior to the trip home on the Sunday. That was a long trip and Miss Bennett was feeling unwell during the journey, poor thing. The maid perked up and that made the journey a lot smoother.

I hope this news will suffice as I now need to move along with the preparations for the year ahead.
I hope this finds you well and enjoying the summer months.
Your friend
Mrs Bennett

*post scriptum - considering firing that maid as she is such a complainer and has just spilt beetroot on my new gown, well really!


I am in a blog challenge with other librarians, that is, to write 5 blog posts in the style of Jane Austen, I cannot but say that I have indeed found it a difficult challenge. (This is my belated finish to the challenge...ah well, better late then never :)

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