Tuesday, January 31, 2012

School days, they pass so quickly...

Dear Friend,

I remember waving my first child off to school for the first time and having a small weep on the way home in the car.

I remember being apprehensive about how the day would go, how he would feel, be accepted and if he would accept readily the new group rules and dynamic.

I worried a bit during the day and was relieved to see his happy smiling face at the end of the school day. He was happy with the change, happy to meet new friends and try new experiences and the people he met that had duty of care and in charge of his learning were wonderful.

Over the years he made mistakes, so did I and sometimes the teachers did too (don’t spam me for this, we are all human), however I came to realize that we all had the same goal, to make sure he was safe and happy and learning.

I now realize, from the parent point of view, that I am one of those people that your children will meet in their school life. I would just like to say that if they come into my sphere of work I will, as far as I can, ensure they are learning in a safe, dry, cool, spacious, fully equipped Library and that they have the learning skills to utilize the tools on offer to the best of my ability.

I will also let them, phone home (outside school hours), print out that all important paper when the printer is not working in the classroom or home and help them with layout, spell check and direct them to the school office if what they are asking is part of their area of expertise.  I will also give them a tissue, a band aid, a chair and a glass of water, or be stern about their, or their friend’s behavior in the library, should it be necessary.

So my advice is buy lots of stationery, get them a new back pack every year, but let them choose it, help with the homework, but don’t do it for them, get a tutor for the ‘hard’ subjects if necessary and love them. Get to know the teacher and the school, and try to trust the people they meet in their school years are there to guide and help.

I waved Mr20 and his girlfriend off back to Perth yesterday and while I still feel mildly apprehensive of how others choices and his own will affect him, (and the feeling you get when you wave a loved one off never leaves). I am proud to say I feel his current choices are the right ones for him and the professionals involved in his learning are helping him move forward towards his goals. The feelings never leave you, it just lessens a bit over the years as your child grows and becomes responsible for their own life.

Smiling, raising my cup to you, friends and Hugs.

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