Sunday, June 24, 2012

“Tweaking Tweeps” – how I love you

“Tweaking Tweeps” – how I love you

I was baking muffins this morning and a small part of me was watching the process as apparently I ‘tweak’ as I cook. A friend had accused me of this when she asked me for my recipe for minestrone soup and hers was ‘different’ to mine.
I sat down with the recipe and looked at it in the first time for ages, (it’s in my memory - favourite recipes get there eventually:-) and apparently I ‘tweak’ a lot, without thinking, things like dropping the green beans as I don’t appreciate them in soup to adding a lemon myrtle leaf with the bay leaf as I think it adds to the flavour of the lemon juice in the recipe.
Following the process of making the muffins, I did indeed ‘tweak’ as follows,

I added 100gms of chopped apple which I had ‘coddled’ in lemon juice (loose translation of coddled there) and only 100 grams of blueberries instead of 200 grams, as I think too many berries is overkill and I had apple which ‘goes with’ nicely.
I also grated the rind of the lemon into the mix. I like to take opportunities to add flavour, if they present themselves.

The savoury corn and cheese – I noticed I added ham and cayenne pepper and a smidge of oil as the mix didn’t call for any and was a bit dry.

I then started to notice that I ‘tweak’ in other things, such grabbing Ms 15s iPod to show her how to add her email address for checking easily (not appreciated until her brother sent her a photo of Vic Mignogna raffling a teddy bear at the Perth SupaNova and she needed to see it quickly…lol) and then I handed her one of my triple ‘J’ cds as she had no credit to purchase a song and it was on that volume.

I analysed this a bit more and realise that I ‘tweak’ if I can the learning and information seeking experience of our students. Adding and sending and mentioning something great if I find it. I was serving on the bar at the “Rep Club” the local theatre group at which I am a member and talking to a PHD candidate about a great resource I knew about on the shelf as it would suit her area of research. (Only held on the shelf not ‘e’, unfortunately.)

Thinking about this further I thought about the library people in my PLN and realising that a lot of ‘tweaking’ and sharing for others takes place on twitter. Many of you ‘tweak’ photos you find interesting – making them more interesting for your followers. Many of you pick up on an idea and run with it to see how far you can ‘tweak’ it for interest.

Some of you get down to ‘brass tacks’ or the serious business of a subject sending links and offering thoughts and generally ‘tweeking’ a learning PD experience for us all. This is by far my favourite 'tweak', and one I appreciate endlessly.

I would like to show gratitude for all the “tweaking tweeters” this week as without whom, I would not have travelled the pub crawl in images of the UK (cousin), learnt about new thoughts in ‘curating’ (many Librarians) and that Amy Tan wanted us to learn about the 50 shades of her at ALA (Librarian friend in US). Oh and Amanda Palmer wants my address to send the Kickstarter CD – yay!

So thank you ‘tweaking tweeters’ you rock! @kalgrl

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